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  • Portage Electric Products, Inc.

    Portage Electric Products Inc. manufactures a line of thermal controls including snap action, creep action, disc-type, Valstat, self-hold  and customized thermal switches. The various switching devices are used in automotive, appliance, battery pack, electronics, heating pad, heater, lighting, motor, temperature sensors, and transformer applications.

  • Honeywell

    Honeywell Thermal Switches designs and manufactures thermal switches that are integrated into the design of space, commercial aviation, military, transportation, and commercial/industrial applications. These thermal switches are small and lightweight, weighing less than 100 grams each.

  • Devale Industries

    Devale Industries engineers and manufactures seven series of bimetal thermal switches. The company's U-S2 series is an open frame, snap action thermal protector used to limit temperature in heater, dryer, personal care appliances, and industrial applications. The DV6AP series are high limit current thermal switches used in automotive motor applications.

  • Control Products, Inc.

    Control Products Inc. manufactures thermal switches for aerospace and industrial applications that provide protection for products within a calibration range of 0-1850F, and a momentary overshoot up to 2000F. These thermal switches can feature snap-action, bimetallic disc, bimetal strip, rod and tube, and solid state construction configurations.

  • Thermik Corp

    Thermik Corp. manufactures thermal protectors that feature a small-sized, low mass switching device that provides constant contact pressure spanning the entire temperature range. After reaching its factory-adjusted nominal switching temperature (NST) the bimetal disc within these thermal protectors snaps over from its initial position and switches the contact. These protectors are for installation in limited space, and suitable for mounting into and onto windings.

  • Mod-Tronic Instruments Limited

    Mod-Tronic Instruments Limited distributes Exergen-brand SnakeEye thermal switches used for infrared thermal inspection of hot melt adhesives. The switch provides two on/off photocell type of switches and an adjustable sensitivity level.

  • Field Controls LLC

    Field Controls LLC manufactures thermal safety switches that detect gas spillage due to a blocked flue, continuous down drafting or inadequate draft condition. These normally-closed, thermal switches feature a load rating of 120AC, 240AC, or or millivolt 24 AC. The various switches are for use on large gas furnaces and boilers, water heater, power venting and chimney vented systems, draft induced furnaces, and residential and light commercial furnaces, boilers, and water heaters.

  • Sensata Technologies, Industrial Sensors Group

    Sensata Technologies designs and manufactures bimetal thermostats that feature an operating switch range of 40C to 130C, 2C to 163C, or 2C to 249C. The switches also feature maximum current and voltage of 1 amp 120VAC, 48 VDC; 5 amp 120VAC; 3 amp 240VAC, 24VDC; 1.5 amp 48 VDC; 15 amp 120VAC; or 10 amp 240VAC.