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Tilt switches are used for rollover or tip over warning for lift vehicles in rugged terrains as well as in fall alarms, thermostats and more.

Tilt switches are used for rollover or tip over warning for lift vehicles in rugged terrains as well as in fall alarms, thermostats and more.

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  • Select Controls, Inc.

    Select Controls Inc. custom designs and manufactures surface mountable tilt switches available with 1 to 5 leads, and normally open or normally closed configurations. The switches feature maximum lengths from 0.265 inches to 0.406 inches.

  • Comus International

    Comus International manufactures tilt switches used in thermostats, level controls, appliances, security alarm systems, toys and games, float switches, and water treatment equipment. Products are available as mercury metal, non-mercury metal, and mercury glass types. All are evacuated, filled with inert gas, and hermetically sealed.

  • NKK Switches

    NKK designs and manufactures two series of metallic ball contact tilt switches that feature 50 mA and 100 mA logic levels. These tilt switches are triggered when tilted beyond plus or minus 10 degrees of the horizontal.

  • Rieker Inc.

    Rieker Inc. manufactures weatherproof, rough terrain tilt switches used on agricultural, construction, off-highway, and turf care equipment, and on tilt/tip trailers. The company's tilt switches are single or dual-axis, feature an operating temperature range of -40C to 75C, and are shockproof to 500g.

  • John Chandler & Associates Inc

    John Chandler & Associates Inc. distributes Ramsey-brand tilt switches that are actuated when material rises to tilt the probe 15 degrees or more from its vertical position. These tilt switches are available with normally-open or normally-closed outputs, and are encapsulated in various sizes.

  • Inertia Switch, Inc.

    Inertia Switch Inc. manufacture general purpose switches used within imbalance and tilt applications. The company's switches meet commercial and military specifications, feature unidirectional, radial, or omnidirectional axes, and range of 0.2 to 100 G. The switches are available as single or multi-axis, and with latching or momentary response.

  • E-Switch

    E-Switch - a subsidiary of Stein Industries Inc. - is a supplier of tilt switches used in safety devices, portable equipment, medical, gaming and computer equipment, and security devices. The switches feature up to 20 mA at 24 VAC/DC, one million cycle life expectancy, and are triggered when tilted 45 degrees.

  • SignalQuest, Inc.

    SignalQuest Inc. designs and manufactures programmable MEMs tilt switches used for machine control and reliable on/off tilt switching applications. Featuring plus or minus 1 percent accuracy, the tilt switches provide plus or minus 70 degree dual axis angle measurement, and 360 degree single axis angle measurement.

  • Monitor Technologies, LLC

    Monitor Technologies LLC produces a line of tilt bin level switches for detection of dry bulk materials. The switches provide indication when the unit is tilted at a 17 angle throughout the complete 360 degrees of axial arc. The switches are for activating loads up to 250VAC and a used in a number of applications including: feed, wood, regrind, resin, silica sand, calcium dust, limestone, rock, rubber, pre-mix, pellet, metal, clay, and malt.

  • Spectron Glass & Electronics, Inc.

    Spectron Glass & Electronics Inc. supplies threshold angle detectors that function as electronic tilt switches. These dual axis inclinometers feature a plus or minus 0.2 to 40 degree range, an unregulated DC input, open drain/switching outputs, and optional ABS plastic housing.

  • BinMaster

    BinMaster designs and manufactures tilt switches that detect high levels and clogged chutes. The switches activate an alert when the device tilts at least 15 degrees, and are used in bins, tanks and silos. The switches are also used in chutes during process operations. The mechanical design of the company's tilt switch enables it to be used as a load sensor when positioned above open piles or conveyor belts.

  • Siemens

    Siemens Automation provides electro-mechanical tilt switches for point level detection, plugged chute detection, and feed loss detection on conveyor belts. The switches feature a range of 245mm and process temperature of -40 to 150C. The switches also provide a signal when material tilts through an angle of more than 17 degrees in any direction.

  •, div of Spradlin Industries distributes MDI-brand tilt switches available as 1 amp, 10 amp, or 20 amp models. The various switches can be insulated or uninsulated; and feature a 10 degree total angle, or angle ranges of 5 degree to 40 degrees and 5 degrees to 100 degrees.

  • The Fredericks Company

    The Fredericks Company manufactures single axis and dual axis programmable tilt switches. The dual axis tilt switches are for use in high lift safety applications and feature 1 to 10 degree sensing range. The single axis tilt switches feature a sensing range of plus or minus 45 degrees and single power supply of 4.5 to 28 volts.

  • ACT (Advanced Control Technology)

    Advanced Control Technology manufactures mercury tilt switches designed for liquids with debris, limited mounting space, and wide switch differentials. The company's tilt switches feature 1 amp @ 120 VAC and differential of 10 degrees or 25 degrees.

  • LKG Industries

    LKG Industries manufactures and distributes mercury tilt switches for manufacturing applications.

  • Magnasphere

    Magnasphere provides omni-directional tilt switches and single-axis tilt switches. The company claims its switches have higher current capabilities than conventional ball tilt switches.

  • Shokai Far East, Ltd.

    Shokai Far East supplies mercury tilt switches, non-mercury tilt switches, and vibration tilt switches to domestic and international OEMs. Many of the switch-types distributed by the company are available in standard, miniature, and subminiature sizes.

  • Mertec Engineering

    Mertec Engineering distributes Ramsey Proline-brand tilt switches that are actuated to 15 degrees from its vertical position in response to a plugged chute or material rise. The switches are used for stacker reclaimers, radial stackers, bins, vessels, high pile detectors, and chute applications.

  • Bulk Pro Systems, LLC

    Bulk pro offers their model SL20-8, SL23-8, & SL29-115 tilt switches, which are also level detection capable as well, and available without mercury. These models are triggered at a 15° tilt, and contain an adjustable delay system in the controller to minimize false triggers due to bump or vibration. Also available are float ball, and wear paddle accessories to compliment various uses such as liquid & solid material level detection.