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  • MDI, Inc

    MDI, Inc. offers mercury tilt switches, relays, contactors, SSRs and timers in ratings up to 100 amps. Products are available in one through four pole configurations, coil voltages up to 600 volts, hermetically sealed contacts, and solid state relays up to 70 amps.

  • ACT (Advanced Control Technology)

    ACT offers 7000 Series mercury tilt switches for applications involving liquids with limited mounting space, wide switch differentials, and debris. These sealed mercury switches feature rugged solid cellular floats, 48" of PVC jacketed cable, and up to 1 ampere @ 120 VAC. They have float diameters up to 1-3/16", differential degrees ranging from 10 to 25, and NO/NC operations. Switches are constructed from PVC, PP, Nylon, and epoxy materials.

  •, div of Spradlin Industries manufactures mercury tilt switches in insulated, uninsulated, and tip over configurations. Model TS3 tilt switches feature flexible leads, angle ranges from 5 to 40°, load rating ranges from 10 Amp to 120V AC Res, and PVC/uninsulated case options.

  • Comus International

    Comus International offers mercury tilt switches in a variety of configurations. Model CM100-0 mercury tilt switches feature switching voltages up to 120 VAC, switching currents up to 1.0A, switching capacities up to 120VA, and differential angles up to 10°. Switches have 0.040" electrode diameters, lengths up to 0.813", and up to 3 Ohms in contact resistance.

  • Marshall Wolf Automation Inc.

    Wolf Automation are distributors of MDI Mercury Relays. These units are 30 to 100 amp, AC or DC voltages, and one, two or three pole. High voltage units are available for UV curing.

  • Tempco Electric Heater Corp.

    Tempco Electric Heater Corp. offers mercury displacement relays in 35 and 60 amp models with one, two and three pole configurations. Coil voltages range from 24 to 480 Volts AC at 50/60 Hz and 24 Volts DC.

  • American Electronic Components

    American Electronic Components offer their Durakool brand of mercury contactors. There are nearly two dozen configurations available in SPST, DPST, 3PST, normally open, normally closed, 10 through 100 amp, and coil voltages of 24 to 480VAC, 12VDC, or 24VDC.

  • National Plastic Heater

    National Plastic Heater offers mercury relays for electric heaters, infrared heaters, industrial ovens, drying ovens, packaging equipment, food industry equipment, and plastic extruder applications.

  • Control Panels, Inc (CPI)

    CPI offers nearly a dozen configurations of MDI brand mercury relays. The MDI 35NO-120A is a 35 amp, 1 pole, 120 VAC coil design. The MDI 3100NO-120A-18 is a 100 amp, 3 pole, 120 VAC coil design.

  • Newark

    Newark are distributors of Durakool mercury displacement relays, tilt switches, an automotive relays from American Electronic Components, Inc.