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  • Industrial Metals International, Ltd.

    Industrial Metals International, Ltd. offers 3003-H14 (AMS 4067) and 3003 (AMS 4065) aluminum tubing. Other specifications include FED-WW-T-700/2 and A93003.

  • Snappy Materials

    Snappy Materials offers drawn seamless 3003 aluminum tubing for aircraft applications. Tubing specifications include AMS WW-T-700/2 and AMS 4065. These tubes can be internationally shipped and custom material processed.

  • Continental Steel & Tube Co.

    Continental Steel & Tube Co. offers coiled 3003 aluminum tubing for chemical equipment, storage tank, siding, awning, decorative trim, and cooking utensil applications. These soft annealed tubes are essentially commercially pure, with added manganese which allows for a 20% increase in strength over the 1100 grade. Tubes range in OD from 1/8" to 5/8", and they range in wall thickness from 0.025" to 0.049". They have the following specifications: UNS A93003, AMS 4065, and ASTM B483.

  • Metal Supermarkets

    Metal Supermarkets offers 3003 H14 round aluminum tubes for piping, pressure vessel, litho sheet, trim, tank, chemical handling, and food applications. These tubes have good corrosion resistance, weldability, and formability.

  • Kaiser Aluminum

    Kaiser Aluminum offers Magnesium alloy 3003 aluminum tubing for pressure vessel, chemical equipment, heat exchanger, and condenser applications. These tubes are highly weldable, workable, and corrosion resistant.

  • Precision Tube Co.

    Precision Tube Co. offers 3003 aluminum tubing. These tubes have 3.73 "S" weight factors, 98.2 Al, 4.5 Cu, 0.6 Mn.

  • Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.

    Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. offers 3003-0 aluminum versatubes for primer, oil, fuel, air, and vacuum line applications. These tubes come in OD sizes ranging from 1/8" to 5/8", wall thicknesses from 0.025 to 0.035, and working pressures from 305 to 1820 PSI.