Tubing • Perforated Tubing

Metal or plastic tubing with round or square shaped perforations.

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  • Perforated Tubes, Inc.

    Perforated Tubes Inc. offers tubing in many metal choices, construction options, special finishes, seam styles, perforation patterns, surface treatments, and end options. They also offer designing and engineering services.

  • McKey Perforating Co., Inc.

    McKey offers cut to length perforated tubing, stainless grades and carbon steel, laser seam welding, diameters up to 3" OD, wall thicknesses from 0.024" to 0,059", and tube lengths up to 27.5".

  • Ferguson Perforating

    Ferguson offers cut-to-length perforated tubing in stainless grades and carbon steel. Products are seam welded to insure integrity. Tolerances include round holes ranging from under .020" to over 6". Other materials include aluminum, coated steel, copper, brass, inconel, monel, plastic, titanium, and others.

  • Diamond Manufacturing Co.

    Diamond Mfg. offers perforated tubing primarily used for automotive and filtration applications. Perforated tubes can be made up to 6" in diameter and 30" in length in any metal type or thickness.

  • PerCor Manufacturing Inc.

    PerCor offers perforated metal tubing. Their laser tube cutting system can handle tubing to 24' in length and 6" in diameter, and can produce completed parts in one process as both ends and all other features are cut in one pass. Materials include aluminum, coated metals, titanium and hastelloy.

  • Metalex

    Metalex offers perforated metal tubes for filtration, exhaust systems, and general industrial use. Materials include tin, stainless, galvanized, aluminum and brass.

  • Perforated Tube Works

    PTW offers cut to length perforated tubing in stainless grades and carbon steel. They can supply perforated tubes in diameters from 1.750" to 3.5", tube lengths up to 30", and hole sizes from .060" up to 1/2" in diameter. Slotted and shaped holes also are a custom option.

  • Newcan Company

    Newcan offers perforated tubing in straight lockseam, spiral lockseam, spiral lockseam louvered, spiral seam welded, and straight seam welded configurations. Perforated metal and paper blanks are also available.

  • Beverlin

    Beverlin offers perforated tubing in straight weld seam, spiral weld seam, and cone shaped tubes in 1/4" to 6' diameters. They specialize in stainless and carbon steel.

  • All Metals Incorporated

    Allmetals Inc. offers steel perforated square tubing in 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 x 12 gauge (Grade 16F12) and 2 x 2 x 12 gauge (Grade 20F12). Also available are perforated tubing pins.

  • Bauer Welding & Metal Fabricators

    Bauer offers high speed tube perforation with hole punching capabilities of up to 3" OD. They can also process square, rectangular, oval, and other special shapes. Materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. Hole sizes as small as 1/4" are possible. Types include filtration tubes, diffusion tubes, exhaust tubes, and manifolds.

  • Tube Pierce Manufacturing & Engineering

    Tube Pierce Mfg. specializes in custom perforated tubing in round, square and rectangular shapes. Wall thicknesses from .035" - .250" in a variety of material types ranging from aluminum to titanium are available.

  • Yowell Enterprises

    Yowell Enterprises offers perforated tubing in mild steel, aluminum, stainless, monel, hastelloy, inconel and titanium. Capabilities include diameters of 1/4" to 10", spiral or longitudinal welded seams, tolerances to +/- 0.010", powdercoating, and more.