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  • NewAge Industries

    NewAge Industries offers plastic tubing and hoses in the following materials: latex, hytrel, silicone, viton, TPR, fluoropolymer, polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, polyurethane, and PVC. Nylobrade braid reinforced clear PVC tubing (NSF certified PVC hosing) has tensile strengths up to 2500, a 320% elongation at break, and temperature ranges from -50 to 175°F. They are corrosion/abrasion resistant, they have mirror smooth interior permits, and open mesh polyester braiding.

  • Randolph Austin Co.

    Randolph Austin Co. offers specialty flexible tubing in the following configurations: Vytex, Povinal, Prothane II, ED-Plex, and Cilran. ED-Plex extruded tubing have temperature ranges from -40 to 190°F, lengths up to 50 ft, and Shore "A" durometers of 65. These tubes are constructed from highly flexible materials, they are UV resistant, black in color, and compatible with alkali/acid/alcohol solutions. They are constructed from thermoplastic co-polymer, and are ideally used for general purpose tubing applications.

  • Geist Plastics

    Geist Plastics manufactures custom plastic extrusions. Capabilities include high volume capacities, short lead times, no minimum order requirement, can meet custom specs/shapes/colors, .5” to 13” flat or round plastic extrusions, 2.5” and 3.5” plastic extruders, minimum wall thickness of +/- .025”, and more.