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  • Vanguard Products Corp.

    Vanguard Products Corp. are engineers and manufacturers of high performance elastomers. Their silicone tubing is produced in an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Facility. Silicone tubing capabilities include single, co-extrusion and tri-extrusion, multi-lumen extrusion, insert extrusion, 0.010" to 3" plus, and custom formulations. Silicone tube can be made to food grade, medical grade, high temperature, MIL spec, dense, industrial, and closed cell sponge.

  • Abbott Rubber Co., Inc.

    Abbott Rubber Co. are fabricators of silicone tubing available in standard coils of 100 feet. Abbott's silicone tube is extruded, 50 Durometer, translucent, and FDA grade. ID ranges available from 1/8" to 1/2". OD ranges from 1/4" to 3/4" are available.

  • Dunham Rubber & Belting Corp.

    Dunham Rubber & Belting are distributors, fabricators and manufacturers of industrial rubber products, including silicone tubing in many designs. Silicone tube products offered include Silbraid braid reinforced hose (also available in medical grade), Silcon tubing (also available in medical grade), and APSPG pump grade silicone tubing.

  • Atlantic Rubber Co., Inc.

    Atlantic Rubber Company offers silicone tubing in 60 durometer, red or translucent. ID ranges available include 1/8" to 1/2". OD ranges are available from 1/4" to 3/4". Wall thicknesses for their silicone tube ranges from 1/16" to 1/8".

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger are online distributors of silicone tubing. They offer over 60 silicone tube items from manufacturers like Versilic and other approved vendors. Products are available in 50 foot lengths and a variety of inner and outer diameters.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega is an online supplier of peroxide cured Omegaflex silicone tubing suitable for many peristaltic pumps. Features include a temperature range of -100 to 35 °F, -73 to 177 C, and construction from all FDA approved materials. There are about three dozen sizes of silicone tube available.

  • NewAge Industries

    NewAge Industries are fabricators of silicone tubing. Types include Silcon silicone tube, Silbrade braid reinforced hose, Silbrade medical grade (with or without braid reinforcing), Silcon platinum cured medical grade, and Silvac polyester and wire reinforced silicone suction hose.

  • MOCAP, Inc.

    MOCAP silicone tubing is extruded with a hardness rating of 60 Shore A and heat stabilized to ensure re-use at temperatures up to 500 F (260 C). Silicone rubber tube is stocked in diameters from 0.104" to 0.975".

  • Elastoproxy (Elasto Proxy), Inc.

    Elasto Proxy are fabricators of silicone tubing with duro hardness ratings of 60. Silicone tube comes in a wide variety of wall thicknesses, and inner and outer diameters. There are over two dozen models to choose from.

  • Hanna Rubber Company

    Hanna offers silicone tubing in many grades, including braid reinforced, non-reinforced, polyester and wire reinforced, medical grade, braid reinforced medical grade, and platinum cured medical grade silicone tube.

  • Thomas A. Caserta, Inc.

    Thomas A. Caserta are manufacturers of silicone tubing in a variety of specifications and colors to meet your applications. Industries served include medical, aerospace, appliance, automotive, chemical, electrical, food processing, OEM and pharmaceutical. Thomas A. Caserta silicone tube has a temperature range of -150 F to 500 F.

  • Custom Advanced Connections, Inc

    Custom Advanced Connections are providers of silicone tubing with excellent resistance to temperature extremes (-125 F to +450 F).

  • Watteredge Hose & Tubing

    Watteredge is a custom fabricator of silicone tubing featuring a temperature range of -40 F to 500 F.

  • Delford Industries, Inc.

    Delford are fabricators of custom rubber extrusions, including silicone tubing with an inner diameter range of 1/32" to 1", and wall thicknesses from 1/32" to 1/4".

  • Greene Rubber Co., Inc.

    Greene Rubber Co. are manufacturers and distributors of silicone tubing. Options include fabric or wire reinforcement for added strength.

  • Aero Rubber Co., Inc.

    Aero offers silicone tubing. They can meet your needs by offering standard or custom configurations.