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  • Allied Tube & Conduit Corp.

    Allied Tube & Conduit are manufacturers of galvanized steel tubing. They offer Gatorshield, Flo-90 and Flo-Coat products. Flo-Coat is their original galvanized product. Gatorshield tubing adds 50% more Western grade pure zinc to the original process. Flo-90 is designed for greater ID protection in saltwater applications.

  • Sonco Tube

    Sonco Tube is a fabricator of galvanized steel tubing. Types available include Flo-Coat, Gatorshield, Gatorstitch, Oval Tube, high strength galvanized structural steel tubing, galvanized steel tubing for construction, Qwik-Coat, Agri-Tube 60, and many others.

  • Bushwick Metals, LLC

    Bushwick Metals are manufacturers of hot dipped galvanized fence tubing and pipe that conforms to ASTM A-569 for 1008-1010 carbon steel, and ASTM-A-568 for 1015 through 1022 carbon steel. Wall thicknesses are available from 0.055" to 0.322".

  • ANS Steel Co.

    ANS is a steel service center offering galvanized standard steel pipe. Primary fabrication services include fabrication/welding of tubing and plates, pipe, channels, beams, angles, hot dipped galvanizing, bending, flame cutting and shearing. Galvanized pipe is available in 1/8" to 12" sizes.

  • Ohio Galvanized Tube, Inc.

    Ohio Galvanized Tube is an OEM direct sales rep and distributor for Allied Tube & Conduit. Products available include Flo-Coat, Gatorshield, and Tectron Tube A513 mechanical steel tubing, as well as Square-Fit tubing, and zinc plated round bar.

  • Aladdin Steel, Inc.

    Aladdin Steel can fabricate galvanized and aluminum round electric welded steel tubing (cold or hot rolled, AKDQ, HRPO, ASTM A-513, ASTM A-135, ASTM A-500). Outside diameters are available from .250" to 16".

  • Carolina Galvanized Tube

    Carolina Galvanized Tube is a distributor of galvanized tubing from Allied Tube & Conduit. Flo-Coat and Gatorshield products are available in round (0.500" thru 5.000"), square (0.625" thru 4.000"), oval (1.500" x 1.000" thru 2.750" x 1.630"), and rectangular ( 0.625" x 1.125" thru 3.000" x 4.000") shapes.

  • Escondido Metal Supply

    Escondido Metal Supply offers SCH10, SCH40 and SCH80 galvanized pipe in 1/2" through 8" sizes. Other products include angles, beams, channels, sheet and plate, tubing, cold rolled, expanded metal, and hot rolled.

  • US Wholesale Pipe & Tubing

    US Wholesale Pipe & Tubing is the largest distributor of Allied Tube's Gatorshield and Flo-Coat galvanized steel tubing. Available sizes range from 5" round and 4" square, with corresponding sizes in rectangles and flat-sided ovals. They can cut tubing to any length required.

  • Shelby Welded Tube

    Shelby manufactures welded steel tubing in a variety of sizes and shapes, multiple grades of steel and steel types. Galvanized tubing is manufactured for applications such as conveyor belts, interior automotive tubing, and windshield wiper brackets.

  • Orlando Steel Enterprises

    OSE stocks round sizes of galvanized steel tubing  from 1/2" to 8" in a full line of shapes. Applications include overhead conveyors, display systems, deck support, shade ports, boat trailers, parking bollards, handrails, greenhouses, nurseries, boat lifts, and more.

  • Tubular USA

    Tubular USA stocks and manufactures galvanized mechanical steel tubing in ASTM A135 Grade A N/H, ASTM A513 Type 1 and 2, ASTM A500 Grade B, and ASTM A787. Shapes include round, square, rectangle, and others.

  • LP Tube, LLC

    LP Tube are manufacturers of galvanized steel tubing for the Fence and Distribution markets. Sizes produced are in accordance with ASTM and all products strictly conform to ASTM A-787 specifications.

  • Industrial Metal Supply

    Industrial Metal Supply offers galvanized steel tubing in rectangular, square and round profiles. Other shapes available include channels, pipes, plates and sheets.

  • Discount Steel Inc.

    Discount Steel offers galvanized steel square tubing  for outdoor use or exposed environments (carports, posts, trailers, docks). Products can be cut to size.