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  • A-T Controls, Inc.

    A-T Controls, Inc. offers a wide range of motorized ball valves, including: Series D9 direct mount flanged, Series 88 3-piece high performance, Series 77 3-piece sanitary ends, Series 30 3-Way flanged, and Series 22 2-piece direct mount. Series D9 flanged automated ball valve packages are direct mounted, they have reinforced RTFE seats, full port valves, and Belleville washers. These valves feature pyramidal stem designs, Chevron packing, and sizes ranging from 1/2" to 6". Valves have 316 SS balls, stems, and bodies.

  • PEP Plastic Engineered Products Co.

    PEP Plastic Engineered Products Co. 2 and 3-way motorized ball valves. 2-way valves are constructed from PVC, CPVC, PP, or PVDF materials. EPDM socket/threaded PVC 2-way valves range in size from 3/8" to 2", they have manual override options, and they have up to 17 pins. 3-way valves come in L-port, T-port, and diverter ball configurations.

  • Valworx

    Valworx offers a wide range of motorized ball valves, including: stainless steel, PVC, brass, 3-way PVC, and 3-way brass. Electric actuated stainless steel ball valves have voltages ranging from 115 to 240V, pressures of up to 1000 PSI, and pipe sizes ranging from 1/4" to 2" NPT. These valves feature Teflon/Viton seal materials, straight through flow paths, high flows, and wider media compatibility. They have applications for the on/off control of oil, air, water, and other media compatible with the materials of construction. Valworx also offers ductile iron butterfly valves, 3-way stainless steel ball valves, stainless 150# flanged valves, 3-PC stainless ball valves, etc.

  • Bi-Torq Valve Automation

    Bi-Torq Valve Automation offers InstruPak automated ball valves in the following materials: stainless steel, 3-way stainless steel, PVC, CPVC, brass, and bronze. These valves range in size from 1/4" to 12", they have actuators ranging from BI-32 to BI-3800, and voltages up to 24 VDC. Valve types offered include: 3-way flanged, 3-piece tri-clamp, 3-way T-port threaded, 3-piece butt weld, 3-piece socket, etc.

  • DynaQuip Controls Inc

    DynaQuip Controls Inc. offers DynaMatic Series electric actuators with brass ball valves. DynaMatic models feature NEMA 4 housings, hardened steel gear trains, Buna-N output shaft seals, and permanent motors. They have temperature ranges from -40 to 150°F, 50% (DE) duty cycles, valve ratings of up to 600 PSI, and applications for light oil, air, and clean water.

  • Valve Solutions, Inc.

    Valve Solutions, Inc. offers valves, actuators, valve parts, and accessories. Model PIC-V SpaceSaver control valves have static pressures up to 360 PSI, temperature ranges from -22 to 250°F, PSID control ranges from 2.9 to 60, and up to 13.42 in head loss. These valves feature P/T test valve body tappings, Teflon seals, EPDM O-rings, pressure independence, and bodies constructed from ASTM B584 forged brass materials.

  • Gemini Valve

    Gemini Valve offers 76, 86, and 96 general industrial series motorized ball valves. These valves have temperature ranges from -50 to +450°F, cold working pressures of up to 720 PSI, vacuum ratings of up to 20 Microns, and saturated steam of up to 150 PSI. They feature internal limit switches for precise 90° rotation and are ideally used for various On/Off applications.

  • FCX Performance

    FCX Performance offers valves, actuation, and accessories products. FCX's control, quarter turn, and multi-turn valves come in the following types: globe, gate, plug, V-ball, rotary globe, plug-lined, wedge-gate, knife gate, ball, check, butterfly, diaphragm, etc.

  • Watts Water Technologies, Inc.

    Watts Water Technologies, Inc. offers EMVII-6400-SS electric motor valves for commercial HVAC control, steam space heating, liquid/gas control process, and light industrial applications. These valves range in size from 1/4" to 3", they have pressure ratings up to 600 PSI, and multiple mounting positions. They feature bubble-tight shutoffs, blowout-proof stainless steel stems, adjustable packing, standard position indicators, vented stainless steel balls, and a bronze body construction.

  • Triad Process Equipment

    Triad Process Equipment offers flanged, 2-piece, and 3-piece motorized ball valves auto/assembly plant applications. These valves are constructed from cast stainless steel materials, and they are available in both sanitary and industrial versions with capabilities for direct mount actuators. Series 50D motorized ball valves feature loaded PTFE chevron stem seals, ISO 5211 output provisions, and socket, threaded, and butt weld end types. These valves have temperature ranges from -60 to 450°F, working pressures of up to 1000 PSI WOG, size ranges from 1/2" to 4", and torques ranging from 40 to 950.