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Sanitary Ball Valves

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  • Inline Industries, Inc.

    Inline designs and builds a line of sanitary ball valves designed for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and food and beverage applications. Their model 367F is a three piece sanitary diverter ball valve. The 507F is a 3/4/5-way full port design. The 337F are three piece tube full port sanitary ball valves. Other configurations are also available.

  • Bi-Torq Valve Automation

    Bi-Torq is a manufacturer of the IS-3TC Series automated sanitary ball valves. Features include a full port three piece valve in 1/2" to 4" sizes, ISO mounting pads, clamp ends, cavity filled seats, and TFE seats and body seals. These sanitary ball valves are designed for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications.

  • SVF Flow Controls, Inc.

    SVF Flow Controls is a manufacturer of ball valves, actuators, and controls for industrial applications. Their SB6 sanitary clamp end ball valve is designed for food and beverage applications, is made of 316 grade stainless steel and 3A materials, uses a tri-clamp connection, comes in a 1/2" to 4" size range, and employs a "Tube-ID" port.

  • Lee Industries, Inc.

    Lee Industries is a manufacturer of sanitary ball valves used for the food and beverage industry. These jacketed valves are used when product solidification is a concern. Lee offers a complete line of fully-jacketed ball valves that are 3A sanitary and USDA-M&P accepted and certified.

  • Top Line Process Equipment Co.

    Top Line engineers and manufactures sanitary ball valves for hostile environments. Features include 360 degree installation in any position, teflon cavity fillers, valve ends remain attached while servicing the valve body, minimum turbulence, maximum flow through, USDA approved, and ISO5211 mounting pad.

  • A-T Controls, Inc.

    A-T Controls manufactures and sells manual ball valves and automated ball valve packages to control industrial valves. Sanitary types include the Series 77 three piece sanitary ends manual ball valve, and the Series 77 automated valve package. Both sanitary ball valve types include a full port, 800/1000 psi WOG (by size), and are available in 1/2" to 4".

  • Stapco Stainless Products

    Stapco offers their Perma-San Model BF-100 ball flush Valve in a sanitary, single clamp design. Made of 316 stainless steel they feature a flush seal with the inside bottom of the tank to prevent product entrapment. These sanitary valves have a straight through opening and can be operated manually or with pneumatic actuators.

  • Temp-Press, Inc.

    Temp-Press is a supplier of sanitary, high purity ball valves. Ball valves offered come in two, three and three piece diverter configurations, as well as fire safe designs.

  • Stainless Tubular Products

    STP is a specialty stainless steel tubing and pipe supplier that offers silicone sanitary ball valves in type 304/L, 316/L, and Hastalloy alloys.

  • Ohio Valley Industrial Services, Inc.

    Ohio Valley's instrumentation division offers metering, needle, ball, check, plug and manifold valves, including sanitary types.