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  • Butterfly Valves & Controls, Inc. (BVC)

    Butterfly Valves & Controls Inc offers Reliant AWWA butterfly valves icncluding model BS-504. THis model comes in sizes from 3.0” through 24.0” in double flanged and mechianic joint styles with body material choice of cast iron or ductile iron and a two part polyester epoxy coating. Available in ANSI , B.S.TE, PN10, PN16, and JIS10K Configuration.

  • Flomatic Corporation

    Flomatic manufactures AWWA butterfly valves with a vane or metal circular disc with pivot axes at right angles to the flow in the pipe. When rotated on a shaft, this seals against the seats in the body of the valve. These valves are used primarly in the manufacturing of products used in the water industry, chemicals, storage facilities and other appurtenances.


    DeZurik manufactures AWWA buterfly valves that meet AWWA C504 standards. These valves are used for shutting off dirty and clean gases and water. Features include offset disc design, corrosion-resistant shaft, stainless steel disc edge, and self-compensating shaft seals.  They have an operating temperature range of up to 290° F and come in sizes from 3" to 144".

  • GA Industries, Inc.

    GA Industries, LLC is a division of ZURN Co. and manufactures series 800 butterfly valves that meet or exceed  the requirements of AWWA Standard C504, Class 150B and 250B. Options include ANSI Class 125 flanged from 3 - 72 inches or AWWA/ANSI C111/A21.11 mechanical joint ends from 3 - 48". They are also available in 3" - 20" wafer design.

  • Valtorc International

    Valtorc offers a line of butterfly valves that are built to AWWA standards. Models come in sizes crom 3" to 24" with double fnalged or mechiancical joing styles available. The valve vodies are constructed from cast iron or ductile iron in compliance with AWWA C504-2000 standards. These valves have a working pressure of 250 psig.

  • Valve Solutions, Inc.

    VSI manufactures AWWA valves including a full line of butterfly valves in sizes at 2" and up. These valves confrom to AWWA C-504 150B or 250B in sizes 2" - 96".

  • Frank Olsen Company

    Frank Olsen Co carries a variety of AWWA type butterfly valves including models from Dezurik and waterman. These valves come in flanged, lug and wafer ends with 250/300 lbs. and 125/150 lbs. mechanical joint.

  • Kennedy Valve

    Kennedy Valve is a division of McWane Inc that offers AWWA butterfly valves for in-plant applicaitons. THese valves are engineered for long and trouble-free operating lives and come in 4" to 24" sizes. Kennedy Valves AWWA butterfly valves are NSFSF approved.

  • The Valve Shop is a distributor of a variety of valve products including AWWA butterfly valves from manufacturers including Danfoss, Hayware, Inline, Titan, Saunders, and Stockham.