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Sanitary Butterfly Valves

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  • Adamant Valves

    Adamant Valves is a manufacturer of sanitary butterfly and ball valves. Their sanitary butterfly valves feature maximum pressure of 1.0Mpa (10bar), a temperature range of -5°C to 95°C, and body materials of AISI 304L, AISI 316L and AISI 304. Applications include dairy, beer, food, beverage, pharmacy and biotechnology.

  • Keystone Valves (Tyco)

    Tyco Valves & Controls offers their Keystone brand of sanitary stainless steel butterfly valves. Size ranges from 1" to 6", while offering a pressure range from full vacuum up to 150 psi. The temperature range is -10°C +95°C. Keystone sanitary stainless steel butterfly valves are universal valves for isolation and control in the food, dairy, brewing and chemical industries.

  • Key International, Inc.

    Key International offers Cora brand ultra-sanitary butterfly valves for the control of dry bulk materials. Features include a slender profile, two piece split body design, one piece crevice free butterfly disc, and multiple mounting configurations. Designs are available for fragile tablets or capsules, dry bulk powders, and for controlled dosing.

  • Process Solutions

    Process Solutions designs and manufactures theif CO.RA.  style sanitary butterfly valves for powder handling. These come in three types of valves: standard disk, rotary disk, and a flexible disk. All are available with a manual handle or actuated (pneumatic or electric).

  • Valtorc International

    Valtorc offers their Series 530-SN sanitary butterfly valves featuring 360 degree installation. The design of these valves maximizes fluid flow through and minimizes turbulence. Delrin bushings are used for smooth disc action. Pressure ratings range from vacuum - to 14.2 PSI at 68° F (20° C). Temperature ranges from +15° to 200°F (-10° to 95°C).

  • Top Line Process Equipment Co.

    Top Line offers sanitary butterfly valves for the chemical fields industry. These valves feature 360 degree installation, are self draining, have wetted surfaces with sanitary finish, come available with a variety of controls, and are USDA approved.

  • Inline Industries, Inc.

    Inline Industries manufactures sanitary butterfly valves. Their Series 707 valves are made of 304SS, come in sizes of 1" to 4", are pressure rated to 145 psi, temperature rated from -60 to 400 degrees fahrenheit, and are clamp or tube butt weld. Their Series 717 sanitary butterfly valves offer the same features except that the temperature rating is -80 to 400 degrees fahrenheit and there is an option for an EPDM or Viton seat.

  • The Valve Shop

    The Valve Shop offers the Valmicro 992 sanitary butterfly valve. This is a 1" to 4" valve, bi-directional with a low profile design, made of 316 stainless steel, utilizes an EPDM seal, comes with tri-clamp ends, and is manually Operated with a 4-position pull handle.

  • Sure Seal, Inc.

    Sure Seal is a manufacturer of Series 894 sanitary butterfly valves. The 894 meets many applications and disassembles easily for quick cleaning. An actuator support is available for spring return, double acting pneumatic, or manual lever actuators. These sanitary butterfly valves use a silicone rubber standard seat, however other seats are available.