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    Pebco is a manufacturer of a variety of sliding gate valves. Types include low profile, baseline, hammer, rod, rolling, and externally adjustable seal sliding gate valves. Ramp valves are also available.

  • Schubert & Salzer

    Schubert & Salzer offers the GS variable orfice control valve. This sliding gate valve features a non turbulent, straight through flow path. Types include standard, high temperature, cryogenic, motorized, and air loaded pressure configurations.

  • FLSmidth

    The FLSmidth cut-Off sliding gate discharge valve is available in hand wheel, chain wheel, electric motor, and air cylinder modes of operation (there are many models of each). Construction materials for sliding gate valves include class #40 cast iron body with carbon steel gate, cast #319 aluminum body with #304 stainless steel gate, and complete #304 stainless steel body and gate.

  • SMS International

    SMS International manufactures their own brand of sliding gate valves and also partners with other manufacturers to provide a wide range of products. Types of sliding gate valves include pneumatic types AP/LP/SP, screw types AS/LS/SS, heavy duty pneumatic and screw types, and manual types SM/OM/VN.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger is a distributor of the Abanaki knife gate valve. This valve utilizes a stainless steel sliding plate with a body made of aluminum. It has a maximum temperature rating of 240 F and features a slim profile and felt seal. It is designed for granule type dry materials, powders and gravity fed hoppers.

  • Shan-Rod, Inc.

    Shan-Rod, Inc. is a manufacturer of sliding gate valves. The 5000 Series is a bonneted gate valve. The 5100 Series is a bonnetless design. The 5200 Series is a bonnetless wafer gate valve. Shan-Rod also offers the 6000 Series of specialty sliding gate valves.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker are manufacturers of sliding seal directional control valves. Using CAD you can configure 2D/3D bleed valves, hand/cam operated valves, and button operated valves. Specs include 4-way/2 & 3 position, 3-way/2 position, 1/8" and 1/4" ports, 0.54 to 1.25 Cv, operating pressure of 26" Hg (vacuum) to 200 PSIG (air only), and operating temperature of 40 to 212 F.

  • Davis Valve

    Davis Valve offers their Model 63 bi-directional resilient seated full slide through knife gate. The bolted in seats are protected from media flow by the sliding gate. This valve is designed for use in powders like cement and phosphate.

  • Plattco

    Plattco's slide/isolation gates are designed for demanding applications. Features include minimized air leakage with maximized material flow, and high pressure and extreme temperature ratings. Plattco offers their T-Series high-cycling gates and their U-Series maintenance gates.

  • Bulk Process Equipment Inc.

    Bulk Process Equipment is a distributor of Salina Vortex sliding gate valves and dry material valves. Types include orifice, clear action, roller, maintenance, and aggregate gate valves. Also offered are gravity, wye line and flex tube diverters.

  • Velan

    Velan is a manufacturer of pressure seal parallel sliding gate valves. These valves are designed to ASME B16.34 with bodies made of superior strength forgings and optional cast steel. Other features include optional live-loading of packing and a non-rotating stem.

  • Bush & Wilton, Inc.

    Bush & Wilton are manufacturers of sliding gate valves designed for a wide range of gravity flow applications. Slides are sealed internally by a replaceable polyurethane or steel wiper ring.  These are manual operating sliding gate valves that come in sizes 6" through 16".

  • M & M Control Service Inc

    M&M Control is a distributor of Schubert & Salzer control systems, including sliding gate valves used in the chemical, steelworks, food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Carrier & Sandstedt, Inc.

    Carrier & Sandstedt are distributors of Fabrivalve sliding gate valves. Other valve products available include knife gate, check, butterfly, wedge gate, and special valves for unusual applications. Sizes range from 2" - 96".

  • Formpak, Inc.

    FormPak is a manufacturer's rep firm for material handling needs. Aside from large industrial sliding gate valves, they also offer scale controls, vacuum conveyors, supply hoppers, dust control, drum filler attachments, and densification decks.

  • Stainless Valve Co.

    SVC is a designer and manufacturer of big sliding gate valves (also referred to as O-poer or through port valves). They are designed for rugged applications with high temperature and pressure shock waves, aggressive flow media, liquids, gases and solids.

  • Tyco Flow Control

    Pentair offers the Rovalve sliding gate in sizes from 2" to 72", metal-to-metal and resilient seats, and temperature ratings from ambient to 2000°F (1093°C).

  • Vortex Valves

    Vortex offers two series of pneumatic and gravity flow slide gates for dry bulk material handling.

  • Wm. W. Meyer & Sons, Inc.

    Meyer & Sons is a manufacture of dry bulk material processing equipment, pneumatic conveyors, valves, dust collectors, and more. They offer air operated, dust tight slide gates, as well as maintenance slide gates.