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Stainless Steel Gate Valves

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  • Vortex Valves

    Vortex is a manufacturer of stainless steel gate valves. Types include their Quick Clean Orifice, Clear Action, Quantum Series Orifice, Hand Slide Orifice, and their Roller stainless steel gate valves.

  • Compressed Air Systems

    Compressed Air Systems offers stainless steel gate valves with 200 psi working pressure (non-shock cold water, oil, or gas) and female NPT of 1/2" through 2". Other features of their stainless steel gate valves include adjustable packing nut, non-rising stem, solid wedge disc, iron handwheel, threaded bonnet, and integral seat.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger is a distributor of stainless steel gate valves. They have various configurations available, including 1 1/4", FNPT, 316 stainless steel gate valves rated at 2000 WOG. This valve has a maximum temperature rating of 365 F, a non-rising stem, a stainless steel bonnet and wedge disc, and an aluminum handwheel.

  • Pinnacle Industrial Supply

    Pinnacle Industrial Supply is a distributor of gate valves in 1/8" through 24" sizes. Types include stainless steel threaded and socketweld, stainless steel flanged, brass threaded and sweat, carbon steel forged, and carbon steel flanged gate valves.

  • E. McGrath, Inc.

    E. McGrath, Inc. specializes in reconditioned equipment for high vacuum, semiconductor and optical machinery. They have an extensive stock of used stainless steel gate valves. You can typically find types such as manually operated, clamp style flange swing gate, air operated, sealed, butterfly style, and pendulum type stainless steel gate valves available.

  • Sure Flow Equipment

    Sure Flow offers the Scavenger knife gate valve with four post stainless steel stanchions and a stainless steel packing gland that is adjustable. Other features include full port bi-directional shutoff, hardened beveled gate and seat for shearing and sealing, and a removable insert ring for easy repair.

  • AZE Supply Co., Inc.

    A.Z.E. Supply Company is a distributor of commercial and military specification valves of all types. Offerings include gate, angle, globe, plug, check, hose, butterfly, relief and regulating valves in stainless steel, carbon steel, chrome steel and bronze.

  • Williams E. Williams Valve Corp

    William E. Williams Valve Corporation offers stainless steel gate valves in flanged and butt weld types. Each is available in Class 150, 300, 600, 900 and 1500. Features include seal-welded or threaded seat rings, bosses for taps and bypass, graphite packing, and optional mounting pads for actuation. All stainless steel gate valves meet ANSI and API standards.

  • Edwards, Ltd.

    Edwards is a provider of BGV stainless steel gate valves. There are nearly a dozen manual and pneumatic gate valves to choose from. All have been designed with a wedge sealing system to eliminate the complexity of traditional gate valves.

  • East Coast Stainless

    East Coast Stainless is a supplier of valves to the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, refining, power and waste water industries. Gate, globe, check and ball valves are available in 316 and 316L stainless steel, and in threaded, socket weld or flanged ends.

  • Authorized Parts

    Authorized Parts is a distributor of stainless steel gate valves in a variety of designs, including outside screw and yoke, non-rising stem, manual gear operated, pneumatic or electric actuated, pipeline gate, double disc or split wedge, pressure or bellows seal, bolted or welded bonnet, and many others.

  • Nichols-Given Associates

    Nichols-Given Associates are distributors of stainless steel and carbon steel gate, globe and check valves from Newmans. These are pressure seal rated to ANSI Class 600 - 2500.

  • Worldwide Pipe & Supply Co.

    Worldwide Pipe & Supply offers stainless steel and carbon steel flanged-end gate, screwed/socketweld gate, and forged gate valves. Flanged-end gate valves come in sizes of 1/2" to 24". Screwed/socketweld gate valves come in 1/4" to 2" sizes. Stainless steel forged gate valves are available in 1/2" to 2" sizes.

  • Napac, Inc.

    Napac's gate valves are UL/FM approved and use stainless steel hardware. Available types include AWWA gate valves, and AWWA resilient seat OS&Y gate valves.

  • GFI Stainless

    GFI Stainless offers gate, globe, check and butterfly valves. There stainless steel ball valves are 3 peice, full and reduced port configurations.