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  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger is a distributor of gate valves with 316 stainless steel wedge discs. Configurations include 3/4" socket weld, 3/4" FNPT, 1/2" socket weld, and 1 1/4" FNPT.

  • Matco-Norca, Inc.

    Matco-Norca is a independent wholesaler of resilient cast iron wedge gate valves. Types available include 10RW, 105W, 200WW and 100WW flanged, 200MW and 100M mechanical joint, 200JFW flanged and mechanical joint, 10RS threaded, 10RT ring tite, and 105U and 205U UL/FM flanged cast iron wedge gate valves.

  • American Flow Control

    American Flow Control offers the Series 2500 resilient wedge gate valve (ductile iron 250 p.s.i.g. AWWA designed) for sewage, irrigation and backflow control systems, drinking water and fire protection systems. Features include fusion bonded epoxy coating, UL listed, FM approved, seats tested to 500 p.s.i.g., rubber encapsulated wedge, and ductile iron body, bonnet, wedge, operating nut, and stuffing box.

  • Velan

    Velan is a manufacturer of pressure seal flexible wedge gate valves. These are designed for liquid (feedwater isolation), high pressure steam (main steam isolation), hydrocrackers, catalytic reformers and other rugged applications. Velan's flexible wedge offers superior tightness of seats and freedom from sticking.

  • Authorized Parts

    Authorized Parts supplies and distributes a wide range of valves, including stainless steel split wedge disc gate valves. Each valve includes the stem, disc, body, bonnet, and seat ring.  Stainless steel valves are offered in pressure class 150, 300, 600, 800, 900, 1500, and 2500.

  • Friatec N.A., Engineered Products, LLC

    FRIATEC N.A. provides sales, service and technical support in North America. They offer wedge gate valves for both the iron, steel and coke plant, and chemical and petrochemical industries. Many other types of valves are also available.

  • Delta Pacific Valve Mfg. Co.

    Delta Valve Pacific (DPV) is a manufacturer of solid wedge gate valves. Features include ASME B16.5, flanged or buttweld ends, bolted bonnet, full port, outside screw and yoke, integral body seats or separate seat rings, non-rising handwheel, and more.

  • Sure Flow Equipment

    Sure Flow is a manufacturer of cast iron wedge gate valves. These are a bolted flanged bonnet with flanged ends, Class 125 type and are designed for fully open or fully closed positions. The rising stem wedge gate meets MSS-SP70 specs.

  • Tyco Flow Control

    Pentair offers their Rovalve wedge gate valves. Cast types come in a size range from 2" to 72" and are pressure rated to ANSI Class 150. Fabricated wedge gate valves come in a size range of 14" to 72" and are pressure rated to 150 PSI CWP or higher.

  • Warren Alloy Valve & Fitting Co. LP

    Warren Alloy is a manufacturer and distributor of wedge gate valves. They offer API 600, 603, 602, and WOG designs. Wedge gate valves are used where minimum pressure drop and bi-directional on-off service is required.

  • AES Valves

    AES (American Energy Services) is a manufacturer of specialty valves in ANSI Class 125 to 15000. Sizes range from .25" to 60". Types of valves available include wedge gate, knife gate, tank farm gate, and many others.

  • Carrier & Sandstedt, Inc.

    Carrier & Sandstedt are distributors of Fabrivalve wedge gate valves, knife gate valves, and slide gate valves. Sizes range from 2" to 96". Other Fabrivalve products they carry include check, butterfly, and specialty valves.

  • Fire-End & Croker Corp.

    Croker Valves offers hose gate valves designed for normally dry piping locations. The wedge disc hose gate valve provides an unobstructed water way with the valve in the fully open position.

  • New London Windustrial Co.

    New London Windustrial is a distributor of AVK resilient wedge OS&Y flanged gate valves. Other gate valve types, including UL/FM designs, are available from Nibco.

  • FCX Performance

    FCX Performance is a distributor of Hilton wedge gate, knife gate, check and air cylinder valves. Knife gate valves are also available from FNW.

  • Weir Power & Industrial

    Weir Power & Industrial offers Hopkinsons wedge gate valves for a wide range of process applications. These are high performance pipeline isolation valves.