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Valves manufactured for nuclear power plant environments, prototype reactors, shipboard propulsion systems, and electric generating plants.

Valves manufactured for nuclear power plant environments, prototype reactors, shipboard propulsion systems, and electric generating plants.

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  • Weir Power & Industrial

    Weir Power & Industrial is a provider of Sebim brand nuclear valves. Sebim manufactures a wide range of nuclear safety valves that can be adapted to specific requirements as needed. Special applications for nuclear power include main steam safety, Tandem safety relief, Isolation safety and relief, integrated single safety relief, and compact integrated safety valves.

  • Tyco Flow Control

    Tyco offers Anderson Greenwood Crosby ASME 3 nuclear valves. Specially engineered products have been manufactured for prototype reactors, electric generating plants and shipboard propulsion systems. Nuclear valve types available include pressure relief, check, vacuum relief, gate, high pressure globe, and hand valves.

  • Dresser Consolidated

    GE Energy offers a full line of nuclear service valves for nuclear power plant environments. The Type 3700 is used for main steam system protection. Type 31700 nuclear service valves are designed for pressurized water reactor steam protection service. Type 1541-3/1543-3 are certified for air system protection service in nuclear power plant processes.

  • Velan

    Velan manufactures four types of maintenance valves for nuclear service. All four come in a size range of 1/4 - 2'' (8 - 50 mm) with a pressure rating of ASME Class 150 - 1500. The CLAMA and RAMA Light nuclear check valves have socket weld connections, the RAMA Bellows Seal globe valves offer butt weld connections, and RAMA nuclear globe valves have socket weld, butt weld connections.

  • Henry Pratt Co.

    The Henry Pratt Company designs, develops, manufactures and markets nuclear valves. The Series 1100 is available in 6" to 36" and are specific for water. Series 1200 nuclear valves are available in 6" through 48" and are specific for air. Series 1400 are also available in 6" through 48" but are specific for water. All three nuclear valve types are ASME Class 2 & 3 and ANSI 150# rated. The Pk Posi-Loc features a positive lock, stainless steel wetted parts, and is externally engaged.

  • Copes-Vulcan

    Copes-Vulcan has been engineering and manufacturing isolation and rotary valves for the nuclear industry for over forty years. Types of valves produced include globe, swing, check, gate, butterfly, ball and sampling valves for the nuclear power industry. Applications include reactor coolant, steam dump, feedwater,  pressurizer spray, sampling, service water, and safety injection.

  • Valcor Engineering Corp

    Valcor manufactures their 6" solenoid valves for the nuclear power plant market. It is one of the largest to be developed by Valcor and is designed to ASME III Code requirements, "N"-Stamped. These nuclear valves will operate during an earthquake and flow interruption tests at 1050 GPM.

  • Emerson Process Management

    Emerson Process Management is a distributor of Vee-Ball SS-84PSV4 NPS 4 x 3 rotary control valves for use in  PWR nuclear generating stations (3rd generation). The NPS 4x3 is a pressurizer spray valve with a valve body that has 3 inch Fisher Vee-Ball internal trim on its NPS 4 buttweld ends. This nuclear valve features a side body flange that allows trim removal without actuator removal.

  • Schutte & Koerting

    S&K offers nuclear check valves that prevent backflow in steam, air or water lines. They can be used in auxillaries to nuclear reactors. Where reverse flow is desired, the valves can be configured to remain open until closed by a cylinder actuator on signal. S&K nuclear valves are designed to give minimum pressure loss consistent with the type of conditions.

  • Team Industrial Services

    Team is an industrial services company that offers line stops to temporarily shut off flow of an in-service piping system by inserting a plug device. Team’s line stops are used by nuclear power plants and are available for low, medium and high pressure piping systems.

  • Metrex Valve

    Metrex designs and manufactures nuclear power valves. These pressure actuator valves are ideal for both raw water and closed loop treated water. Metrex provides Nuclear ASME Sec lll and safety related products made in a wide variety of materials.

  • Crane Nuclear

    Crane Nuclear manufactures safety-related valves. They offer a complete line of gate, globe, check, butterfly, control and specialty valves for the nuclear power industry. Crane can also supply nuclear valves from other manufacturers like Chapman, PV, Stockham, Aloyco, Flomatics, Flowseal, Center Line and XOMOX.

  • Truflo Marine

    Truflo are engineers, manufacturers and suppliers of nuclear valves. Their valves have been installed in nuclear power plants and on nuclear submarines since 1975. Other markets include naval marine and desalination valves for seawater. Truflo are suppliers to Europe, North and South America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia.

  • Stockton Valve Products

    Stockton Valve Products builds automation systems for subsea, hazardous and nuclear applications. Stockton Valve Products builds automation systems for subsea, hazardous and nuclear applications. Types of valves offered include butterfly, sleeved plug, ball, gate, globe, check, needle, automatic control, lined, backflow and specialty valves.

  • Enpro

    Enpro provides equipment and services to the power generation industry, including nuclear, renewable energy, coal, IGCC, combustion turbine and hydroelectric applications. Products range from control valves, strainers, filtration/separation technologies, gas cooling nozzles and level instrumentation, .

  • PBM Valve Solutions

    PBM has been approved by ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) to supply nuclear rated ball valves to the industry. These nuclear valves are both "N" and "NPT" Stamp certified. PBM nuclear valves are manufactured, tested, and certified in strict accordance with ASME Section III, Class 2 or 3.

  • Asco Valves

    ASCO Valves' nuclear products are qualified to IEEE specifications. They are a designer and developer of solenoid operated valves for the nuclear industry and offer a complete line of nuclear qualified products.

  • Bradken

    Bradken manufactures a range of castings, fabrications and machining for OEM customers in the turbine, compressor, pump, valve, nuclear, and oil and gas sectors.

  • Crispin-Multiplex Mfg. Co.

    Crispin Valve manufactures air release valves for clean water and sewage, check valves, and nuclear and custom valves. Their air release valves meet or exceed ANSI/AWWA C512 standards. Their check valves are ANSI/AWWA C508 compliant.

  • MetalTek International

    MetalTek serves the the Nuclear Power and Defense Propulsion industries. Products offered include control valve cages for naval nuclear, turbine, and nuclear power generation applications.