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Petroleum and fuel-handling valves as well as valves used at chemical and petrochemical plants in reactor emergency shut off, compressor kick-back and suction check functions.

Petroleum and fuel-handling valves as well as valves used at chemical and petrochemical plants in reactor emergency shut off, compressor kick-back and suction check functions.

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  • Becker & Associates

    Becker & Associates is a provider of petrochemical service, products and equipment for aviation refueling, into plane fueling, and petroleum handling. They offer 2 1/2", 4"x 4", and 6"x 4" hydrant pit valves designed to provide deadman control of the refueling operation within the hydrant pit. Becker also offers air/fuel pilots for petrochemical hydrant pit valves.

  • Schutte & Koerting

    S&K are designers and manufacturers of check valves used at chemical and petrochemical plants in reactor emergency shut off, compressor kick-back, and suction check. These petrochemical valves prevent backflow in steam and water lines. Applications include reverse flow prevention in process line, and turbine protection as bleeder non-return valves for electric utilities.

  • Velan

    Velan specializes in refining and petrochemical valves for coal liquefaction and gasification, catalyst slurry, hot gases and hydrogen, cat and fluidized cat crackers, UOP platforming service and catalyst regeneration, H-oil, olefin plants, HF-alkylation and delayed coker plants.

  • TR Engineering, Inc.

    TR Engineering manufactures a line of valves for petrochemical, aerospace, construction, manufacturing and marine applications. Types of petrochemical valves available include directional control and relief types.

  • United Valve

    United Valve has partnerships with over two dozen of the top valve manufacturers in the world to provide valve modifications and repair services to the refining and petrochemical industries. They have a shop that is equipped with state of the art machining, welding, pressure testing and non-destructive evaluation equipment.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker offers KV Process Controls special custom process pilot valves for petrochemical, power generation, nuclear, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, railway and fire fighting applications. Types include redundant solenoid, latching, manual reset, high flow, quick exhaust, and 5/3 double solenoid center off or exhaust valves.

  • Technical Controls

    Technical Controls represents manufacturers in the petrochemical industry, such as Parker Hannifin, Veriflo, Burkert, United Electric, Ametek, and Winters Instruments. They have experience with petrochemical valves such as ball, needle, rotary plug, metering, check, relief and manifold types.

  • Copeland Industries

    Copeland manufactures a variety of petrochemical valves. While some are a plug valve design, most use the variety of
    design features offered by their BV Series valves. Options for petrochemical valves include special linings or coatings for dray abrasive conditions, high temperature alloys, metal coatings that approach the hardness of diamonds, and many others.

  • Tyco Flow Control

    Pentair's line of petrochemical valves are sold under brand names such as Vanessa, KTM, Biffi, Anderson Greenwood, and Crosby. Pentair engineers can create customized solutions that are tailored to fit customers’ specific application requirements.

  • Dresser Masoneilan

    Dresser Masoneilan has many years of experience in the production of refining and petrochemical valves that are specifically engineered to handle the demands and environments found in these applications, including standard and resid hydrocracking processes. Dresser Masoneilan offers wide pressure and size ranges.

  • American Production Valve

    American Production Valve is a supplier of check valves for petrochemical applications. Types petrochemical valves include ball, diaphragm, double ball, dual plate, lift/piston, stop, swing and double check valves. Clapper valves are also available. Construction can be either cast steel, stainless steel, or cast iron. Diameters are available from 1/2" to 36", with 150 lb to 2,500 lb psi.

  • Eaton Valve

    Eaton Valve are UK agents that offer valves from TRP Perar Spa, Curtiss Wright, Farris Engineering, Alco Valves, and Piana Spa for the oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical and associated industries.

  • Big Horn Valve

    Big Horn Valve's Stemless technology petrochemical valve provides a stemLess design that is 100%  emission free. These petrochemical valves feature zero-emission technology for fluid control that does not leak vapors into the environment. Traditional valve designs are prone to external leakage.

  • KD Valve

    KD Valve is a manufacturer of petrochemical valves for applications such as hydrogen gas, heavy coke, RDS feed filter units, CCR units, FCC & RFCC slurry separators, HDS lines, catalyst, tar, sludge and sand.

  • Kentintrol

    KKI provides control valve solutions to the petrochemical industry. In over 40 years they have supplied 34,000 valves to the petrochemical sector for use in refineries, cat crackers, hydro crackers, ethylene plants, desalination, fertilisers, pharmaceuticals and biotechs.

  • Shipham Valves

    Shipham Valves has years of experience in both acetic acid and purified terephthalic acid (PTA) process plants, having installed titanium, zirconium and hastelloy valves in these petrochemical applications. In production facilities such as polycarbonate, polyethylene, LDPE and aromatics, Shipham Valves supplies bronze valve solutions that can be used in many applications throughout a single petrochemical plant.

  • D.S. Anthony & Sons

    DS Anthony & Sons operates a 50,000 sq. ft. shop dedicated to machining, fabrication and repair. Their stream-line processes help their customers to manufacture valves for the petrochemical, paper pulp, and acidic markets.

  • FCX Performance

    FCx provides Circle Seal Controls valves for petrochemical, OEM, medical, chemical, energy, and food and beverage applications. Products offered range from discrete components to integrated assemblies to complete fluid control systems.

  • Boig & Hill, Inc.

    Boig and Hill is a distributor of Worcester Controls industrial ball valves for the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and general process industries.