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Also known as an airlock valve, rotary valves are used in material handling applications.

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  • K-Tron

    K-Tron offers Aerolock rotary valves in more than 150 models and sizes. Materials include cast iron or stainless steel housings and end plates with carbon or stainless steel rotors. Rotary valves are available in round or square inlet/outlet designs that provide 152 mm - 508 mm (6"-20") openings. Displacements range from 2.3 to 73 dm3/Rev (.08 to 2.57 ft3/Rev).

  • Emerson Process Management

    Emerson Process Management offers rotary valves in eccentric plug, full bore pipeline ball, high performance butterfly, and segmented ball configurations. Full or reduced bore rotary ball valves are used for gas transmission line, gas distribution, or liquid pipeline applications.

  • ACS Valves

    ACS are manufacturers of rotary valves for bulk material processing. Applications include airlock between areas of differing air pressure, metering in loading and unloading with airlock, and feeding and metering.

  • DMN Incorporated

    DMN Westinghouse offers rotary valves in a wide variety of configurations. Types include airlock, airlock with slide bars, blowing seal, blowing seal with slide bars, hygienic dairy, extra large inlet, small sanitary, medium duty, cyclone, filter, granular, high capacity, and knife.

  • Young Industries Inc.

    Young Industries are manufacturers of rotary valves. Models include drop-thru designs in high capacity, low headroom, end seal, cantilevered, blo-thru, quick clean, side entry, non-jamming, dense phase, and class 150 and 300 (for temperatures ranging from 650 to 1500 F) configurations.

  • Clippard Minimatic

    Clippard manufacturers 4-way rotary valves with 1/4” NPT ports. These manually operated 3-position closed center valves offer operating pressure ranges of 0 - 150 psig and temperature ranges from 32 - 140 F. Clippard rotary valves feature a small footprint.

  • Meyer Process Conveying Components

    Meyer offers four different series of rotary drop-thru style valves. The UD Series comes in universal and dust duty drop-thru designs. The HD Series is available in heavy duty, heavy duty blo-thru, and heavy duty pellet configurations. Also offered are the SV and CV Series of airlock rotary valves.

  • Rotolok Valves Inc

    Rotolok manufactures rotary valves for the dust filtration field. Pressure differentials to 20 psi and temperatures to 750 F are available. Rotolock can make specials to handle pressures to 350 psi and temperatures of 2200 F.

  • Sunco Powder Systems

    Sunco offers standard and sanitary rotary valves and airlocks. Airocks feature a flange design in sizes of 1/2" to 60" in standard, blow-thru, and offset configurations. Sanitary rotary valves are available in a compact, modular design and are constructed of cast 316 stainless steel.

  • Pelletron Corporation

    Pelletron manufactures rotary valves for the plastics manufacturing, compounding and processing industries, as well as for the food, mineral, pharmaceutical and recycling markets. Types of rotary valves available include granular medium and high pressure, powder medium pressure, powder blow through high pressure, and many others.

  • Tricontinent Scientific Inc.

    TriContinent offers rotary valves for OEM syringe pumps using PCTFE, PTFE, PEEK and UHMWPE polymers in the manufacturing process.

  • Aget Manufacturing

    AGET Manufacturing makes rotary air lock valves for cyclones and dust hopper filters. Three models are available from 1 to 2 hp with in/out diameters of 8" - 12".

  • Bush & Wilton, Inc.

    Bush & Wilton manufactures rotary airlock valves for heavy duty, drop-through, pneumatic, and metering applications. Valves are made of cast aluminum, iron, stainless steel, Monel, Hastelloy and Ni-hard.

  • Radoil Inc.

    Radoil rotary valves are designed for offshore and subsea control systems. Specs include 10,000 or 15,000 psi, 1/4" and 1/2" sizes, valve porting at 30 degrees for more compact spacing, stainless steel construction, and these rotary valves can be used for oil and water service.