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A collection of valve distributors in the USA, searchable by state.

A collection of valve distributors in the USA, searchable by state.

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  • U.S. Plastic Corp.

    U.S. Plastic Corp. carries a vast collection of plastic valves from 3 way valves, butterfly valves and check valves to float valves and y-pattern valves. U.S. Plastic Corp offers products from Hayward Valves, Spears Valves, Asahi Valves, Nibco Valves amongst the great lineup of other manufacturers.

  • Matco-Norca, Inc.

    Matco-Norca provides valves in various configurations from brass, bronze and PVC valves, full and standard port ball valves, and swing check valves to wafer and lug style butterfly valves and non-metallic valves. Available manufacturers include Aztec and PEX.

  • Thorco Holdings, LLC

    Thorco Holdings, LLC. serves industries with products manufactured by Groth Corporation. Manufactured relief valves includes pressure and vacuum relief valves, pilot operated relief valves and emergency pressure relief valves.

  • Maxpro South

    Maxpro South Inc. distributes valves for high pressure and medium pressure applications as well as ball valves in 2 way and 3 way designs.

  • Ryan Herco Flow Solutions

    Ryan Herco Flow Solutions distributed flow control valves in a vast selection from ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves and globe valves to pressure control valves and foot valves. Available manufacturers of these flow control valves include Asahi America, Orion, George Fischer, Spears and 14 other manufacturers.

  • Specialty Valve

    Specialty Valve & Controls distributes valves from Challenger Valves and Controls, Valvetechnologies, Gestra, DFT valves, and many other manufacturers. Specialty Valve & Controls offers various valves including wafer check valves, butterfly valves, disco swing check valves, high pressure valves and other valves with many configurations.

  • Steven Engineering, Inc

    Steven Engineering, Inc distributes valves from Skinner Valves of Parker Climate and Industrial Controls and SMC Pneumatics. Steven Engineering, Inc. offers an array of valves from power valves, solenoid valves, and pressure relief valves to drain valves and control valves.

  • Fischer Process Industries

    Fischer Process Industries supplies an array of valves from solenoid valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, and control valves to sanitary valves, specialty knife gate valves and safety valves. Theses valves are supplied by ASCO, Flowserve, Mercer, Watson-McDaniel, ONYC, and Worcester.

  • A&L Valve & Fitting, L.P

    A&L Valves distributes industrial valves with hard-to-find stainless steel and alloy material types from ball valves, gate valves, globe valves and check valves to boiler valves, forged steel valves and wafer check valves. A&L Valves supply from manufactures such as Calobri, Champion Valve Company, and Steamco Valves.

  • Pearse-Bertram, LLC.

    Pearse-Bertram, LLC. distributed diverse group of valves from check valves, manual valves and relief valves to proportional valves, excess flow valves and high vacuum valves. Pearse-Bertram's suppliers feature SMC, SVF Flow Controls, Tomco, Hoke, and dozens more.

  • The Valve Shop

    The Valve Shop contains valves from an extensive list of manufacturers from Apollo, Asco, Hayward and Smith to Westlock and Xomox. Supplies of valves include flow control valves and pressure relief valves as well as solenoid valves, gate valves and plug valves.

  • Automated Valve & Equipment

    Automated Valve & Equipment Co. supplies ball valves, boiler valves, and butterfly valves as well as forged steel valves, high performance valves and high pressure valves amongst other valve types. Manufacturers such as Sharpe Valves, Watson McDanial and American Ball valves supply the various valves.

  • Cole Industrial

    Cole Industrial and Technical Supply Company distributes products from manufacturers including Ay McDonald, Colonial Engineering Inc., DeZURICK, and Ga Industries, Inc. as well as a great number of other valve manufacturers. Product line of valves includes solenoid valves, sanitary valves, float valves, and regulating valves as well as relief valves, and cryogenic valves.

  • Kinequip, Inc.

    Kinequip. Inc, distributes valves including but not limited to ball valves, butterfly valves, flow control valves, flow valves, and shutoff valves. List of manufactures consists of SMC, Wago, Baumer, Hoke, FMC Tehcnologies and many more.

  • F.W. Webb Co.

    F.W. Webb Company distributes valves from Kentrol/Sevco, Webb HVAC and Victor Mfg. Product line of valves includes rotary motion control valves, solenoid valves, high performance butterfly valves, and diaphragm valves amongst an extensive selection of valves.

  • Industrial Dynamics Inc

    Industrial Dynamics Inc supplies an array of valves such as solenoid valves, metallic valves, actuated valves, and even face seal valves. Their supply of valves is produced by manufacturers such as Burkert, Kessler Ellis, Precision Digital, and Dynamic to name a few.

  • Ives Equipment Corp.

    Ives Equipment Corporation supplies valves from vendors or manufacturers that include ASCO, Coreflex, Crane Valve Company, Aaliant and Ametek amongst many others. Line of valves includes ball valves, multi-port rotor valves, diaphragm valves and solenoid valves as well as many more valve types.

  • PEP Plastic Engineered Products Co.

    PEP supplies valves in a diverse product line including ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves to three-way ball valves, multiport valves and back pressure valves. Manufacturers that supply these valves includes Advanced Valve Technologies, Haywards, NIBCO, and Swiss Fluid.

  • PR Valves, LLC

    PR Valves, LLC. distributes a wide collection of valves from butterfly valves, plug valves and global valves to needle valves, bellow seal valves and diaphragm valves. Valve brands include ABZ, Cameron, Orbit, Yarway and Smith just to name a few brands in stock.

  • Guenther Supply, Inc.

    Guenther Supply, Inc. distributes valves such as actuated valves, check valves, PVC and CPVC valves, snf gate valves. Lineup of manufacturers includes Hammond, Milwaukee, Sharpe, Merit and Legend amongst many other.